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eListGenius markets a multi-sourced household database covering over 275 million individuals in the U.S.  eListGenius data is compiled and verified specific consumer information pertaining to key household and consumer statistics.  This information includes the current residence of the consumer, the consumer’s age, lifestyle interests, mortgage and financial information, phone and email address.

The eListGenius US Consumer database includes Consumer Emails that are compiled from opt-in website registrations. These users are CAN-SPAM compliant and are sourced directly from Internet registrations. These Email records include:

  • 100% postal addresses

  • Source URLs

  • opt-in time/date stamps. 

Email addresses are updated monthly with individual email addresses being validated on an ongoing basis. 

eListGenius verifies email addresses prior to each custom file output.  Our privacy statement surrounding email compliance can be supplied upon request.

eListGenius provides email deployment services through ResponseGenius.  The ResponseGenius platform provides greater visibility, intelligence and a powerful feature set allowing eListGenius customers to achieve improved metrics in email campaign management across the board.  Contact us to arrange a demo and learn how ResponseGenius can help your better accomplish your organizational goals.


Email append solutions are also available to allow our customers to leverage the power of their existing customer list to communicate directly with their ideal customers or prospects.

eListGenius offers data licensing for the US Consumer database, which provides the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility, pricing and campaign control.  This option can range from a full database license or customized to license only a portion of the database.  

Please contact Kevin Cordray or John Baldwin  for more information.

eListGenius data utilizes hundreds of sources in its compilation efforts of the US Consumer database, including opt-in registration sourcing, phone directories, survey sourcing, real property data and many other publicly available sources.  The base data is derived from confidences built from directory sources, and demographic and survey/interest data is then mapped to individual records.  The end result of the meticulous methodology is a comprehensive consumer database that not only reports household and individual demographics but also the consumer interests and behaviors that are driving household and individual buying propensities.

The US Consumer database includes:

  • Nationwide coverage of exact Date of Birth (DOB) for over 190 million Americans

    • derived and compiled from state and county government sources

    • product/response cards

    • non-registered voter age population data

    • voter registration information from twenty-two (22) states—eighteen (18) of which are permissible for commercial use. 

Extensive validation testing is performed across sources to ensure data reliability, and this information is regularly updated and verified.

Please note the state of California records are excluded from this exact date of birth element offering due to California state compliance regulations specifically surrounding the use of voter registration-sourced information.  A list of regulations for use of voter data by state is available upon request. 


eListGenius allows this date of birth (DOB) data asset to be supplied to our clients solely for reference purposes and related reference applications.  eListGenius does not permit or support the use of DOB data for marketing purposes due to restrictions related to specific sources, as well as due to the sensitivity of this data itself.  Permitted use of this DOB asset must be pre-approved by eListGenius legal.

File Highlights

  • Consumer Universe – 275,000,000+

  • Consumers with 100% Emails (max of 3 per record) – 200,000,000+

  • Consumers with one email per record – 160,000,000+

  • Consumers with 100% phones – 160,000,000+

  • Consumers with 100% DOB – 190,000,000+

  • Consumers with 100% DOB & 100% Emails – 100,000,000+

  • Quarterly New DOB Adds - 45,000,000+

  • Homeowners – 90,000,000+

  • One Per Address – 105,000,000+

  • Estimated Household Income – 170,000,000+

  • Estimated Net Worth – 115,000,000+

  • Presence of Children – 60,000,000+

The number of changes fluctuates from month to month. Fluctuations occur due to address changes, email verification and sourcing.




The eListGenius US Consumer database is available for digital/mobile targeting, email marketing, direct mail marketing and telemarketing. 


Applications include:

  • Credit bureaus

  • Compilers

  • e-Commerce

  • Cable/Telecommunications

  • Automotive Industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Financial/Credit card offers

  • Travel offers

  • Education offers

  • Retirement Offers

  • Insurance Offers

  • Retail Offers

  • Skip Tracing


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