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Fear Not: Email Marketing Isn't Going Anywhere

Are you in the business of email marketing? REST EASY. According to a recent Huffington Post article 2017 is the year of email marketing.

What’s protecting the practice of effective email marketing? Smartphones.

Author Sarah Peterson argues that email campaign viewership will continue to increase as mobile phone usage continues to grow… and we don’t see it remotely slowing down anytime soon.

In 2016, Pew hosted a survey about smartphone usage and reported that of 45,435 respondents, a whopping 72% of participants owned a smartphone. In the age bracket of 18-34 (otherwise known as millennials) 92% reported owning a smartphone.

A recent study by Campaign Monitor found that about 53% of emails are opened on phones, which is great news for email marketers, considering the number of new smartphone subscribers is growing at a 20+% rate. Most of our clients at ResponseGenius are seeing even higher rates of their emails being opened on mobile devices.

Did you open this email on your smart phone?

With mobile games and apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, email is often up against stiff competition. However, Business Insider reports that 34% of American consumers check their email on their phones multiple times throughout the day. The same survey found that consumers look at their phone more than 150 times a day, on average.”

Despite a rapidly evolving digital landscape with a myriad of alternative applications and distractions, the author explains that email marketing thrives for four primary reasons:

  • Email marketing is highly profitable

  • Email marketing allows for direct communication with subscribers/customers/etc.

  • Email marketing has a high return on investment

  • Email marketing gives the marketer the power to control their distribution list

Of course, there are a plethora of factors that go into a successful email marketing campaign, including segmenting, geo-targeting, personalization, and so much more. But stay EXCITED about email marketing – the digital age has you covered.

Let’s talk about how ResponseGenius can help you maximize your email results on smartphones, or however your top clients and prospects want to engage with your email campaigns. Call us at 561-676-5350.

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