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Email Marketing Is No Longer An Individual Job

Contrary to concerns in recent years that email marketing would eventually dissipate, the communication tool is becoming the center of the digital marketing landscape. Email marketing offers incredible ROI for businesses small and large, and companies are growing their teams to reflect the importance of this channel.

Once a job often reserved for individual specialists, email marketing is now becoming more of a team effort. This shift comes as businesses see email marketing as a consistent player in overall strategy rather than a stand-alone channel.

The 2017 Email Industry Census surveyed companies that used email marketing to understand who was responsible for ma

naging this channel. Of the company respondents surveyed, 45% of companies report that they rely on teams to manage email strategy as part of wider marketing responsibilities, while only 30% claim an individual heads up email as part of wider marketing strategy. Of those surveyed, 14% reported they had a dedicated team to email marketing, while only 8% was dependent on a single individual dedicated to email marketing.

The growing popularity of an integrated approach to marketing strategy allows businesses and brands to align their goals across various channels, often with email at the focal point.

The census also analyzed how resources on these teams were divided. It was found that primary responsibilities for team members include mobile optimization, strategy and planning, reporting, data, design and content, and transmission. In looking at the time each team member spent on these tasks, it was determined that marketers typically spend more hours crafting the design and content than they spend on strategy and planning. While it’s important to make sure your emails are visually engaging, teams should take a 360-approach to email marketing and spend an equal amount of time mapping objectives for success.

Ultimately, email marketing teams must juggle many tasks to push strong, seamless campaigns out the door. Setting clear responsibilities and objectives for individuals within the team boosts productivity and efficiency while decreasing the likelihood of mistakes. Good leadership ensures strategy and creative go hand-and-hand to deliver your customers an experience that they enjoy and take the desired actions you seek.

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